Integrated Monitoring in Bird Conservation Regions


March 28, 2023

Scissor-tailed Flycatcher by Nick Tepper

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Reese, J., McLaren, M. F., Timmer, J. M., Smith, M., Walker, T., White, C. M., Latif, Q., Pavlacky Jr., D. C., Sparks, R. A. 2023. Integrated Monitoring in Bird Conservation Regions (IMBCR): 2022 Field Season Report. Bird Conservancy of the Rockies. Brighton, Colorado, USA.

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Matthew McLaren

2022 Field Season Report

Welcome to the 2022 IMBCR Annual Report! We hope you find it to be user-friendly and informative. This report will help you access results from IMBCR avian point count surveys, including species observations and population estimates such as density, occupancy, and population trend. This website contains all the same information we’ve presented in past years, but if you prefer a PDF version of the report, you can download a copy via the link to the right.

Quick start guide - viewing the results

Survey locations, species observations, density, and occupancy

Click on the relevant agency or geographic region on the sidebar, then use the “On this page” menu to choose a management unit. For each mangement unit, you’ll find a link to the Rocky Mountain Avian Data Center (RMADC). The RMADC contains interactive maps illustrating survey and detection locations, and tables displaying species counts and population estimates (i.e., density and occupancy). Each link leads directly to the RMADC with the appropriate queries already populated.

Population trend

Trend estimates for all species and strata are available in this Google Drive folder. If you cannot access Google Drive, please contact Jennifer Timmer for a copy of the data.

Please note that not every stratum or conceivable combination of strata is summarized in this report. However, all individual strata and all biologically meaningful combinations of strata, or “superstrata”, can be found on the RMADC.

Instructions for using the RMADC are included in Appendix A of this report and are available on the RMADC itself (hover over the “Explore the Data” tab for tutorials).

Special Feature - Population Trends

In Chapter 20 we provide a few examples demonstrating the use of IMBCR population trends for tracking the status of designated species of concern and determining where specific populations may require management or conservation efforts.

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